Hello, Kia Ora, Aloha!

We’re Nicole and John, and first and foremost we want to thank you for stopping by. We’re a Canadian/New Zealander couple, or “Canuckiwis” as they say.

On 8 August, 2018, we were married in front of our closest friends and family in Hawaii (the beautiful half-way point between our two countries). Having sold or given away most of everything we owned, we packed our backpacks and left our careers behind to begin new creative endeavours. We are now embarked on our “Endless Honeymoon,” beginning with a minimum of 2 years of global travel. We’ve been dreaming, planning, goal setting, actioning and celebrating our little victories for a few years now, so it’s pretty surreal that the big goal is here and happening!

Head to Our Story  to learn more about how we met and fell in love, and how we made our dreams reality.

The Endless Honeymooners

So, why the Endless Honeymooners? Well, firstly, a 2 year world trip as a honeymoon is seemingly endless, at least in relation to most 7-10 day honeymoons you hear of these days. Secondly, Dictionary.com defines honeymoon as:


noun1. a vacation or trip taken by a newly married couple.
2. the month or so following a marriage.
3. any period of blissful harmony:
Their entire 60 years of marriage was one long honeymoon.
and we plan to be in this “period of blissful harmony” as long as the world is turning.
We believe that, like love, marriage and commitment, the honeymoon period is a choice.

Where will our Endless Honeymoon take us?

The first 2 years of our Endless Honeymoon will be travel to the more difficult places on the planet, places that one may not want to take small children. Our general travel goals include Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, Mainland Asia, and Africa – but we are open-minded and only have a few “must-do’s” as we want to take our opportunity to enjoy the journey, not only the destination.

We will also be dedicating a good portion of our time on our journey to volunteering in many of these places, with different organizations or with people we meet, we just want to give back to the world that has given so much to us.

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