Our Story

When 2 people fall in love, there is always an exciting story. It’s a leap of faith, walls must come down, vulnerabilities open to love, its comfort, excitement and challenges. We absolutely love hearing about other couples love stories, so we thought that we’d share ours for any of you that love to hear/read about love stories as well.

How We Met

Sunrise, 27 August 2013, John stepped off of a dusty RV wearing ladies pink and purple palm tree pants from Kmart and Nicole was dancing off the remaining Jägermeister in her system from the night before, wearing some fairy wings and very little else.

We met at a place called Burning Man, in middle of the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada. If you haven’t heard of it, have a look into it. It’s an artistic, expressive, energetic, confusing but clarifying, wild and wonderful desert experience that many people call “Home.” It challenges one’s survival skills, both physically and emotionally, and when open to it, it will give someone exactly what they need, without even realizing they’re looking for it.

And that’s what happened to us.
It was love at first sight – unbeknownst to us both.

It was Nicole’s best friend Meagan, who called it love at first sight, claiming us to be “soulmates” within seconds of meeting John.

The two of us felt a strange friendship forming, but John thought Nicole was crazy, and Nicole didn’t think John was crazy enough, so a relationship seemed out of the question. Turns out it was fear of what magical things could come.

Although in denial of anything deeper than the platonic friendship, we had become instantly inseparable by chance, finding ourselves constantly engaged in separate conversations and fits of laughter from the group, and spent every waking moment together getting to know each other on a more spiritual level. It was then realized that yes, Meagan was right, we were soulmates that had been searching for one another for far too long and finally found each other again. Seems cheesy? Yup. But it’s true.

We became like children again, racing our bikes across the desert floor in the middle of the night, giggling at the insane world we had become a part of, and climbing to the peaks of tall towers, looking out over the crazy, endless city below.
We began to fall in love, but it was all happening so fast. Was it just the desert and its magic? They say that 7 days in Black Rock City is like 10 years in the “default world.”  But we both knew we had to see where this would go. When the pop-up City began to disappear, John swore to Nicole that he would not let this be the end and he would do everything in his power to see her again.

Us Against the World

John carried on to Central America and Nicole returned to Canada.
We spent sleepless nights missing each other until John gathered the strength to ask Nicole if he could fly her to Costa Rica to be with him. Nicole agreed (begrudgingly of course), and that’s when our love story truly began.

We spent the next month exploring Costa Rica and Nicaragua (which is why we have chosen these spots as our first destinations on our endless honeymoon), and at the end of our travels, we made a decision. This too would not be our end. It would be our
beginning. John flew to Canada to meet Nicole’s parents, and only a month after that Nicole moved across the world to live with John in New Zealand. Definitely the craziest 3 months either of us had ever experienced!

Thanks, Universe.


Luck, coincidence, fate, the universe, whatever you want to call it, it seemed to play a big part in getting us together. Of course, the universe brings a lot of people or situations together, luck, coincidence and fate happen each day, but often we are too busy worrying about other things to believe in something greater than us, and take action into our own hands. So although we were “lucky” as some often say, to put it strictly to luck would not give enough credit to the choices and sacrifices we both made, prior to meeting and after. We could go back as far as we want, but let’s just go to the beginning of 2013.

John had decided to start a new business but also wanted to go on a travel trip. He typed into his Facebook Status: Where to? Southeast Asia or South America?
His friend Matty commented that he should do South America, but before going there he should join him on a journey to Burning Man. John felt an immediate pull and left his business and everything he knew behind him, looking to find himself on this journey.

Nicole had decided to go teach in Dubai. Her friend Meagan had wanted her to join her at BurningMan, but they failed to get tickets so they were waiting on a sell-back program. By mid-July they had heard nothing, so Nicole was about to sign a 2 year contract. The afternoon before the contract was due back, Meagan called Nicole frantically, saying they got tickets! For some reason, Nicole felt that going to BurningMan was the right option, and chose that over a career path. Dubai will always be there!

John was at BurningMan with a group of Kiwi blokes, and Nicole went alone with Meagan, but Meagan knew one of the Kiwi blokes so it just so happened that we were camping beside each other.

Fate and luck brought us together, but it took our faith in the universe, our ability to trust it and one another, and our decision to act upon what we’d been searching for, fear aside, to make it work.

It wasn’t always easy, but making it work was the only option to us. Friends thought we were crazy, family was confused by the big life changes, but through it all we had love and each other, and 5 years later, still, neither of us would have had it any other way.

After the Big Move

We built a life together in New Zealand. We also built a life in Canada, visiting often and keeping our friends and family in both countries close to our hearts. We were lucky enough to have many Canadian friends and family visit us in New Zealand, so they got to know our friends and family down under too. Our Burning Man family became our real family, and we went on many exciting adventures through Aotearoa and beyond.

Both of us love to travel, and had always wanted to travel more than just an average week or two away, so we began discussing what a large travel trip would look like. An extended endless honeymoon came to mind. We didn’t want to end up penniless at the end of our travels, and we always wanted to be able to be present in both of our home countries, so we made a plan.

First step: we got into major savings mode and bought a house in October 2016. After enjoying the fruits of our labour for a year, we put renters in it and moved to a tiny little apartment with our gorgeous cat Baby to save even more money, and we continued setting our future goals and visions.
Our first Christmas in our first home.
A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
~Colin Powell
We sacrificed nights on the town, avocado on toast, buying new clothes, eating at restaurants, weekend trips with friends.
We were lucky enough to live in places that we wanted to spend our weekend nights in, ate avocado on toast at home, became pros at finding treasures in op shops, learned how to cook some amazing meals and had lots of friends over for weekends of inexpensive fun!
It really started becoming real when John sold his business in March 2018, and shortly after, Nicole informed her work that after the wedding, she would not be coming back to New Zealand. We crossed a lot of t’s, dotted many i’s, planned to leave New Zealand and planned a wedding at the same time.
Slowly, we began giving away clothes, decorative pieces, furniture and appliances. Selling the cars was the final buck, we packed our backpacks and on 1 August 2018 we said “see you soon, New Zealand” and embarked upon our greatest adventure to date.

Live Your Best Life

We want to use our Endless Honeymoon as a reminder that we can make anything we dream of happen. We have a list of many personal and professional goals we want to achieve, and now we have the freedom of time to work at them all.

We will be sharing our travel and life experiences, travel tips and tricks and photos from our journey. Mostly, we hope to inspire you to think differently, outside of the box, and work to make your wildest dreams come true!

When one sets a goal that they need to achieve, the perspective changes. The sacrifice becomes an adventure. Make it big. Shoot for the moon and you’ll end up among the stars.

Recently, a new friend we met on our travels said “what is your life? I want that!” as we were all sitting on the same beach, partaking in the same activities.
“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”
~ Tony Robbins
Never forget to celebrate the little achievements.

We believe that each and every one of you is capable of living your best life, and we want to thank everyone in our lives for supporting us and inspiring us to live ours.

So… Here we go!
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